New Facility, New Start

In order to meet the company's further development needs, YOOGLE has officially settled in a new facility in early 2020. Our new address is: Building 8, No. 138, Jinliu Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Shanghai.

At present, we are in the process of transforming and upgrading the production line of metallic bipolar plates, and we’ve been working on a new nano-coating production line ("sheet-to-sheet" post-coating & pre-coating processes). The capacity of the MBPP production line is planned to be 700,000 plates per year, which could be expanded to 1 million in the future; the capacity of the coating production line can reach 2 million m2. The hydrogen fuel cell industry is in the ascendant and boasts a most promising future. YOOGLE has been well positioned for large-scale industrial production!

A new facility means a new starting point. Customers and friends, old and new, are most welcome to visit us. YOOGLE will always be there for you!