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Cont-texturing®Mirco-textured metal strips for beauty & utility

About Cont-texturing®

In-house R2R mass production line with EXCLUSIVE Cont-texturing® process adds infinite imagination to large-scale forming of decorative parts/panels!

Available substrates/dimensions/finishes/colors

Advantages at a glance

Cont-texturing® metal coils combine avant-garde looks with superior surface quality, making conventional metal substrates full of vitality. Moreover, compared with other chemical surface treatments, the Cont-texturing® process is environmentally friendly, which meets the requirements of sustainable development. 
The prominent advantages of Cont-texturing® metal coils are as follows:

  • Excellent surface texture/pattern consistency
  • Strong stain resistance/fingerprint resistance
  • The etching depth of the surface texture/pattern is nanometer or micrometer, which is not easy to wear
  • Colorful surface textures/patterns which are highly recognizable
  • The surface texture/pattern contains an extremely thin metal oxide film with the same corrosion resistance as the metal substrate
  • Sophisticated appearance that withstands visual and microscopic inspections
  • The surface is very flat which does not change the flatness of the metal coil
  • Environmentally-friendly production process
  • Suitable for large-scale production of advanced decorative parts & panels
  • Excellent formability, suitable for various post-forming processes (such as stamping, rolling, bending, cutting, etc.) which can significantly reduce the cost

A wide range of applications

With unique appearance and performance, Cont-texturing® metal coils can be flexibly used across a wide range of fields such as automobiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchens & bathrooms, luxury goods, batteries, packaging, tooling, etc., whichcan fix customers’ pain points and assist them in achieving the target products which are both eye-catching and multi-functional.

If you need to know more about Cont-texturing®  materials, please refer to the following documents (they can only be obtained after your information is sent).

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