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Beauty,Style and Maximum Durability

Ser-coating®DEC is a premium decorative pre-coated metal coil with high gloss and excellent weatherability, which is specifically developed for the large-scale forming of decorative parts and panels. Its prominent advantage is that the production cost and delivery time are greatly reduced without surface treatment after forming. Moreover, it also fundamentally eliminates the pressure of environmental protection caused by conventional surface treatment such as painting.The innovative technology of Ser-coating®DEC materials is conducive to sustainable development, which can be widely applied in a variety of industries!


We’ve been closely following the trends of colors and appearance, aiming to provide CMF designers with more material choices. In addition to the self-developed classic color series, we can as well undertake appearance customization based on customer needs. No matter what kind of finishes, Ser-coating®DEC materials are always fascinating in appearance, extraordinary in style and outstanding in performance, perfectly meeting the increasingly demanding aesthetic needs of the public.

自主开发的基材/颜色/外貌 Self-developed substrates/colors/finishes

可定制化的颜色与外貌 Customizable colors & finishes

可成型性能 Superior formability


Ser-coating®DEC pre-coated metal coil boasts excellent formability, which is suitable for various forming processes such as stamping, rolling, bending, high temperature extrusion, injection molding, etc. Perfectly meeting customers’ requirements for appearance as well as performance, it is particularly suitable for the mass production of decorative parts and panels.



宽规模的应用 A wide range of applications


Ser-coating®DEC pre-coated metal coils have a wide range of applications, which can provide decorative solutions for various parts and components. We look forward to in-depth communication with you and jointly explore more application fields.


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